Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bru Halal?
Bru is owned and operated by muslims, we are not HMC or HFA certified but work with closely with our supply chain to ensure all items and ingredients in all of our stores are halal. Our customers include our very own friends and family so we ensure every ingredient and item at all of our locations is halal and alcohol free.

Is your coffee fairly traded?
The coffee beans used in our signature Bru blend are procured through a specialist coffee roaster who proudly support the World Coffee Research. We think that they are doing a fantastic job working for the sustainability of coffee. The World Coffee Research is a team of very experienced and dedicated people looking to make the world a better place for the coffee tree and coffee farmers.

Where does your coffee come from?
Our coffee is a blend of handpicked speciality Arabica beans from Brazil, El Salvador and India. Ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and Asia. A big full-bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. Bru’s blend is balanced and rounded with a muted acidity. As a milk-based coffee, Bru’s blend is sweet, creamy smooth and rich. Complimented by dark chocolate flavours.

Where can I find out about Allergans and Intolerances for Bru’s food and drink?
Look in our Menu section, you’ll find all our nutritional and allergen information there. Alternatively, you can find it here. This will include details on which items are eggless or gluten free.

Is your food and drink suitable for specific diets?
We aim to cater for a wide range of dietary needs, this includes Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher and Halal.
Some of our products are also gluten free and eggless.

Which Bru food is suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
Our menus are constantly being updated, but we always make sure to cater for all diets. Any products suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans will be clearly highlighted in our menu.

Which Bru stores have disabled access?
All of our current store locations have disabled access and facilities.

Are you able to warm up a baby bottle for me?
Some stores (but unfortunately not all) will be able to provide a warming bowl. Please ask your Barista at the bar. Unfortunately, we can’t warm up baby food as we don’t have the appropriate facilities – our microwaves are industry strength.

How can I find a Bru near me?
You can find all our store locations here.

What are your opening hours?
All store opening times can be found through our locations page here.

Do you offer a loyalty card?
Yes, we do. You can sign up to our loyalty programme on the Bru App, available for android and apple. Signing up to the Bru App will give you exclusive access to offers, rewards and promotions in addition to our loyalty programme.

I’m 16 – can I apply for a job in one of your cafés?
Unfortunately, not. You need to be 18 or over to work in our coffee houses.

I have applied for a job but haven’t heard back yet – what should I do?
We do try to contact every applicant, but sometimes it takes us longer than it should. If you haven’t heard anything, please email

I would like to work for Bru but can’t see a suitable role. What should I do?
We’re growing, and new opportunities do become available all the time, so stay in touch and check again in a few weeks. We are always on the lookout for good people.

If you have any other enquiries or more specific questions, you can contact a member of Team Bru at